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The YMCA of Greater Providence is partnering with LIVESTRONG to offer health and wellness programs for cancer survivors. The programs are designed to strengthen and support survivors on the road to recovery after their treatment regimens. Programs are offered free of charge to participants.

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LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Programs


This 12-week program is designed for adult cancer survivors who have recently become deconditioned or chronically fatigued from their treatment and the disease itself. The goal of the small group series is to help participants build muscle mass and strength, increase flexibility and endurance, and improve functional ability. Additional goals include reducing the severity of side effects, preventing unwanted weight changes, and improving energy levels and self-esteem. Finally, participants will develop their own physical fitness programs so they can continue to build a healthy lifestyle.


Starting Over helps breast cancer survivors balance spirit, mind, and body. The program emphasizes flexibility and strengthening exercises for parts of the body affected by cancer treatments. In addition, the class provides an opportunity for relaxation to enhance feelings of renewal and well-being.

Getting Started

For more information and to enroll, please contact Susanna Bodell at 401-828-0130 ext. 50725 or email sbodell@gpymca.org.



LIVESTRONG Day Celebrated at Kent County YMCA

National LIVESTRONG Day was celebrated on May 22nd at the Kent County Y. A memorial tree was generously donated by Yardworks in Warwick and delivered to the Kent County Y grounds early in the afternoon. John Fernandes, a new Kent member who lost his wife to cancer, sang and performed folk music during the ceremony.  Rev. Betsy Aldrich Garland provided the dedication, while Patti Cherella & Gerrie Bastia (Kent LIVESTRONG graduates),  wrapped yellow ribbon around the trunk of the tree.  A very touching tribute indeed.



The YMCA of Greater Providence has developed the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Home Exercise DVD to help cancer survivors who may not yet be able to visit the Y to participate in exercise programs. The DVD offers exercise routines in a range of positions: reclining, seated, and standing as well as relaxation and meditation.

Also included on the DVD are the inspirational stories of some of our LIVESTRONG participants - cancer survivors themselves.

  • DVD Trailer: Click here to watch the DVD Trailer on YouTube.
  • Purchase the DVD: DVDs are available for $20 (plus tax). Click here to purchase a copy. 


  • YMCA creates LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Home Exercise Program DVD for cancer survivors. Click here to learn more.
  • Check out Y-USA's video on the LIVESTRONG program featuring staff and participants from the YMCA of Greater Providence: WATCH THE VIDEO.

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