YMCA of Greater Providence


The YMCA of Greater Providence has a long history of working with active older adults. We believe that it is critical for older adults to stay fit, healthy and active.

You probably know the Y as the place that invented the game of basketball, and the place with swimming pools and fitness rooms. But the Y is really so much more.

Rhode Island is home to a diverse population of just over one million people, 30% of whom are over 50. Therefore, the YMCA strives to provide high quality programs for all ages including a population interested in healthy aging. Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but we want you to know that you are not alone! At the YMCA you will find caring and qualified lifestyle coaches who can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

At all our locations throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, we offer programs to help adults become healthy and stay healthy. We use proven tools to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are struggling with weight management, a chronic disease, issues related to aging, or need to find ways to manage and relieve stress, the Y has a program led by qualified staff to meet your needs. 

Arthritis is the number one disability among people of all ages. The YMCA has partnered with the Arthritis Foundation and Senior Services of Seattle, Washington to provide high quality, effective classes for those with arthritis. Physical activity has many benefits for the general population, and more so in the management of arthritis: it decreases pain, delays the onset of disability, improves physical functioning and independence, enhances quality of life, aerobic capacity, and muscle strength. 




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