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Whether you are just beginning your journey into fitness or looking to step up your current regimen, the Y has a class to fit your needs! And did you know that most adult classes are offered FREE with your YMCA memberships?

Below is a small sampling of the classes offered at our branches:

These popular classes feature upbeat and exciting full-body workouts and awesome music. Our branches offer the BODYPUMP®, BODYVIVE®, and Born to Move® classes, which quickly deliver the results people. 
Join us in their mission to create a FITTER PLANET!

This aerobic interval training offers a hi/lo combination of Latin rhythms and easy to follow dance steps resulting in a toned and sculpted body. You'll have a blast while maximizing caloric output, fat burning and total body toning!

This class will develop your mind-body awareness as you gain greater flexibility and balance, strengthening, lengthening and toning your muscles. Various levels offered!

Whether you're interested in just shooting a few hoops or joining one of the various branch leagues, basketball is a great activity to share athletics and recreational interests with others in your community. (Fee involved in league sign-up)

Get a total body workout from this Navy Seals born technique! You will develop strength, flexibility, balance, durability and core stability, all by leveraging body weight exercises.

Work with a YMCA certified Personal Training Instructor to tailor a program that meets your needs. Personal one-on-one 60 minute sessions ensure individualized attention. (Fee involved)

Come ready for action! High energy, challenging classes will get you moving. total body workouts include using steps, weights, stability balls and body bars.

For more information on full class offerings and membership details, please contact us!

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