YMCA of Greater Providence
Kent County Branch



  • Forgive someone with whom you've been angry.
    Let your negative feelings go and remind yourself that we all make mistakes.
  • Reach out to someone in need.
    At work, in your neighborhood or in your community, offer a kind word of support or an afternoon of volunteering.
  • Make small kindness a priority.
    A compliment, a donation, a note dropped in the mail, an invitation to coffee, a ride home, a smile during a long meeting, a favorite batch of cookies - these small gestures brighten our days.


  • Cut down on screen time (TV, computer, phone, video games).
    Focus on the here and now, one person or one activity at a time.
  • Read more.
    Begin a list of books you want to read (for yourself or with your kids/family). Start small and pick a theme if it helps you get started. Classics, nonfiction, adventure, fantasy, or travel - let each person in your family or among your friends choose a title.
  • Try something new.
    Our brains literally stagnate if not engaged in new activities. Anything from doing puzzles and crosswords to listening to new types of music, taking a class, or getting involved in community issues can stimulate our gray matter in new ways.


  • Limit processed foods.
    The further away from its natural state a food is, the less healthy it typically is. Generally speaking, apple beats apple sauce and apple sauce beats packaged apple pie.
  • Exercise.
    You knew it was coming. Few things are as important or haver a bigger impact on overall health in spirit, mind, and body. Walking and light weights are a great start if you're just beginning.
  • Be medically proactive.
    Information is power. Know your numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure) and have the necessary tests taken based on your age, gender, and medical history (mammogram, HIV, colon cancer, prostate).

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