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The Bayside YMCA offers a variety of programs for the whole family and for all ages and abilities. We offer Adult Specialty Programs, Youth and Teen Specialty Programs as well as FREE programs and services. See below for program details and view our branch schedules for these programs. Some programs are seasonal; please call to get the most up to date information.

  • Family Nights
  • Out-of-School-Time (OST), Babysitting and After/Before School Care
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Group Exercise for all ages and levels - now offering Les Mills programs for adults!
  • Personal Training: Click here for the personal training brochure or stop by our Welcome Desk for more information!
  • Swim Classes for all ages and levels
  • Youth Sports Classes (Basketball, Archery, Skateboarding, Horseback Riding)
  • Yoga, Pilates
  • Birthday Parties & Outdoor Pool Parties
  • Family Swim Time, Family Kids Care, Kids Night Out, Family Programs, and Parent/Child Programs
  • Specialty Fitness classes and Active Older Adults classes
  • Preschool, Youth and Adult Dance
  • CPR/First Aid and Lifeguard Classes and Certification
  • Diabetes Prevention Program and Nutrition Counseling
  • And so much more!

Group Classes

ARTHRITIS LAND:Designed especially for people with arthritis. A variety of exercises are used to help improve joint flexibility, range of motion and muscle strength.Registration Required.

BODY PUMP: The original barbell workout for absolutely everyone. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition (reps). BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout that burns calories, strengthens and tones.

BODYVIVE: Features the optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training. With three workouts in one, this is a great cross training option for busy people on the go!

CARDIAC FITNESS: Tailored to meet the needs of people with heart disease who have already participated in a medically supervised program. Components of the program include individualized instruction using cardiovascular equipment, weight training equipment and stretching exercise. View the flyer here.

CHAIR YOGA:This yoga is performed from a chair.Experience relaxation and meditation while focusing on breathing, moving, stretching and gaining strength.

CYCLE:Interval training for a well-rounded workout.

DANCE IT! :Dance aerobics class with fun, simple choreography. A great low-moderate cardio workout for all fitness levels.

ENHANCE FITNESS:Enhance Fitness is a proven program for the active older crowd. It is recognized by the Center for Disease Control other national organizations devoted to wellness.

INTERVAL TRAININGFUSION:Low-moderate impactintervals of cardio, strength conditioning, balance andstretch.

INTERVAL TRAINING HIGH INTENSITY:Alternating short,higher intensity intervals of cardio exercise with longer,lower slower intervals of strength & conditioning moves.

LIVESTRONG AT THE YMCA -A CANCER SURVIVORSHIP PROGRAM:A 12 week exercise program for adult cancersurvivors (men & women) who have recentlybecome de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from their disease and/or treatment.We are pleased to offer theLIVESTRONGat the YMCA program. The program meetstwice a week for 75 minutes and consists ofstrength training and cardio conditioning,with a relaxation/stretching segment at theend of each class.This program is FREE of charge thanks tothe generous contributions of individual donors. Please support these programs so wecan continue our work with cancer survivors.We are now accepting registrations for theclass to begin at the end of April. To registerplease contact Neta Taylor-Post, ProgramCoordinator at (401) 521-9622 extension50125 or ntaylorpost@gpymca.org.

LOW IMPACT:Low intensity cardio workouts, designedfor beginner and intermediate levels.

PILATES:A conditioning program that focuses on corestability, muscle control,flexibility, coordination, strength& toning.

SILVER SNEAKERS:Class designed to improve the overallmuscle strength, range of motion, flexibility and balanceof active older adults. A chair is available for seatedand/or standing support.

SMALL GROUPTRAINING:Progressive and individualizedsmall, high energy, group training class.STEP–For all of those that enjoy step, this low impact,high intensity workout burns fat and builds muscle.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING:A total muscleconditioning classthat includes working on musclestrength and endurance with very little cardio but lots ofemphasis on various muscle groups.

TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING:Born in the U.S. Navy Seals and developedby Fitness Anywhere, TRX SuspensionTraining is a revolutionary method of lever-aged body weight exercise. TRX uses gravity against your body weight to simultaneouslydevelop strength, balance, flexibility andcore stability. Class is limited to 6 partici-pants.

WOMEN ON WEIGHTS:This program is designed to assist and guidewomen in the use of free weights and select-ed strength training equipment. Participantswill learn the basics of weight training andreceive education on the proper ways to usestrength equipment. Participants will experience weekly workouts using varying piecesof equipment.

YOGA:Experience relaxation and meditation with a focuson breathing, moving, stretching and gaining strength.

ZUMBA:Combines Latin and international music for afun and effective workout.ZUMBA GOLD–Combines Latin and international musicfor a fun and effective workout at a slower pace class thanZumba.

Health & Lifestyle Programs

Book of the Month Club: The group meets monthly to discuss a bookselected the previous month. Open to allmembers and guest. Contact Edna at 245-2444 or ekurtzman@gpymca.org.FREE program for ALL.

Applications and Membership Handbook

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