YMCA of Greater Providence


AquaticsThe YMCA of Greater Providence Aquatics Program offers an opportunity for individuals to become immersed in much more than water. The therapeutic benefits of water-based activities, coupled with increased self-esteem gained from exceeding the expectations of oneself, keep people coming back to enjoy a lifetime of fun and good health. 

Simply put, YMCA aquatics are provide fun for every age. Learning how to swim and other water safety activities are wholesome community activities that help prevent drownings and water-related deaths.   

Check out some of our programs: 

  • Parent/Child and Preschool Swim Lessons  
  • Water Exercise
  • Youth Swim Lessons
  • Facilities
  • Teen/Adult Swim Lessons
  • Pool Rentals
  • Swim Team
  • Backyard Pool Safety
  • Aquatics Trainings
  • Other Aquatic Programs
Contact your local branch to learn more.

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